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On the first day of Maths Week, we were really surprised and overwhelmed with all the games that were waiting for us! At the beginning we thought that some of the games were difficult, but little by little, we realized we could do everything.

We enjoyed going to the Maths centre everyday, sometimes we went with our classmates and other times we shared the experience with other groups. This was specially important, because, sometimes we were teachers and learned a lot about team work too.

On our second edition of Maths Week, we had lots of games and activities to learn about numbers.
We had all sorts of goals: adding, sorting by number, colour, shape or quantity; exploring ideas, exploring weight, counting and patterns.

Children begin to understand symbols and abstract concepts only after experiencing the ideas on a concrete level.

Children need to have math experiences that incorporate their senses, that require them to experiment and make observations, and that allow them time to investigate a topic further.

Kinder 5 were teachers for a while and played together kinder 4 and 3.

We had so much fun playing, exploring and helping others!

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