Gabinete de orientación

Guidance and Counselling Deparment

Our Guidance Department’s principle is to take care of our students’ diversity, adapting ourselves to their individual characteristics and needs and contributing to their comprehensive education.

Its objectives and main functions are:


Assist in the anticipation, detection and monitoring of any possible learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems of students.


Make individual assessments at the request of tutors or parents in order to anticipate and detect learning or personal difficulties in a timely manner.


Advise the teachers and tutors in the process of teaching and student learning.

Provide general and/or individual information to students to help them guide their academic and professional lives.

Advise and lead the “games workshop”, social skills training.

Personalized Attention.

Personalized attention for families upon detection or monitoring of any kind of difficulty presented by the student, and promotion of the School for Parents in Early Eduation.

Academic and professional guidance

Throughout Secondary School and Baccalaureate, the department provides educational guidance to groups of students as well as individually, following a process that aims at both informing and setting the guidelines for a critical reflection made by the student.

SCHOOL FOR PARENTS: In Early Education stage we offer the families a meeting place in which to reflect on various aspects of the development and education of their children. For this, several talks are organized throughout the school year – colloquium with the aim of encouraging the active participation of families in the school, thus reinforcing educational work.

GAMES WORKSHOP: This space is created to address those students with difficulties socialising. It takes place mainly in the middle cycle of primary education, thus laying the foundation of an adequate social development. The goal is to provide them with tools to understand the different social situations and how to act, thus promoting integration in their class group.