Colegio Europeo Almazán defines itself as an open, independent and humanist non-denominational school. It is a private educational institution that covers from one year through university admission. It has the objective of educating and training free, autonomous and critical individuals with a solid intellectual and values training that enable them to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized world, creating an adequate emotional framework at the School on which to base its Educational project.


Colegio Europeo Almazán, aligned with its innovative tradition, wants to develop an educational model characterized by high academic standards, a solid grounding in English and the integration of new technologies applied to education, with special attention to education in values. All this must be achieved while maintaining close relationships between teachers, students, parents and other members of the educational community, as well as creating a framework that promotes personal and professional development for the people working at the school.


  • – Its dynamic and innovative character.
  • – Solid curriculum preparation.
  • – Pedagogic innovation
  • – Solid development of emotional and social intelligence
  • – The individualization of the teaching-learning project of each student
  • – The teacher profile, both in their initial and on-going training.
  • – Commitment to quality education.
  • – The development of tutorial action.
  • – The promotion of respect, tolerance, social habits for coexistence, responsibility towards work, the culture of effort and the development of intellectual curiosity.
  • – The social commitment and a responsible attitude towards the environment.