Educación ESO

Secondary Education

In this stage, in which the students begin to demand greater freedom and autonomy from adults, it is also essential to instruct them in responsibility and self-discipline. The development of a critical capacity in regards to their own actions is essential for achieving of responsible freedom. This justifies the importance that ethical education, self-directed learning and emotional intelligence have during this stage, developed through programs and projects unique to the School and inserted in its normal curricular functions.

Academically, the great importance of strengthening and improving the knowledge and skills acquired in the Primary stage must be highlighted, supporting ourselves on an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional approach, as well as on cooperative work, project-based work, problem and challenge-based learning, communication and information technologies, using tablets and individual platforms, and in scientific curiosity and experimentation.

Together with the highest development in other essential areas, the level of immersion in English as the language of instruction for in several subjects can be emphasised, as is the continued teaching of French of German as a second foreign language.

This is done with the objective of guaranteeing optimum preparation of our students for the future, granting huge importance to academic and professional guidance that will enable them to choose the field they would like to work on, and to do so with the highest possible skill level.

Educación ESO