The School is fully aware that most of our students aim to continue their education at University after the Baccalaureate. Therefore, we are also aware that both the academic preparation and the grades obtained in these courses will be determining factors when choosing the university course they want to study and the university where they want to study it. Therefore, during the Baccalaureate we carry out a demanding academic project, without forgetting the importance of values such as the culture of effort and the satisfaction of a job well done.

This model has been rewarded over the years both by the high number of students from the School who successfully pass at the end of the stage, and by the good results they obtain in the University Entrance Examinations.

During this stage, we offer students the chance to study the Social Sciences and Humanities Baccalaureate or the Science and Technology Baccalaureate, with all the routes and itineraries that ensure the opportunity to access any university course once the relevant entrance tests have been passed. In English, at the end of the 1st year of Baccalaureate, students may sit the Cambridge University Advanced Certificate in English examination, as well as French or German proficiency exams.