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In Kinder we have celebrated our fifth Art Week edition.

In kinder 4 we learned about Kandinsky. His «Colour study of Squares» painting is one of the student’s favourite. This colourful, expressive art project keeps little hands busy.

Kandinsky’s paintings use colour to show emotions rather than painting an object to look real. Abstract artwork encourages children to see that art is created in many ways. He said he could hear colours and see music. So we painted with bells on the paintbrushes.

Pairing colourful paper circles together gives the kids a chance to see which colours look best together and it was a great practice.

Kinder 5 learned about Matisse, he fell in love with painting and art and he developed a new style. He used colours to express emotion. We loved his cutouts, drawing with scissors is something very difficult for us. We enjoyed his patterns and we did our own. We read the book A Magical day with Matisse about his painting «Goldfish», so we made a version of our own, which was a lot of work, because we used paint, paper and pastels.

After learning about these artists we made our own masterpiece, which we enjoyed deeply. We have a lovely art museum in our hall, we think Matisse and Kandinsky would be very proud of us!